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Arts Centre Volunteer

Read on to find out more about our volunteer roles.

Applications are currently closed, but check back regularly for more information!

Why Become an Arts Centre Volunteer

“I’ve really loved the wide range of shows I’ve been able to watch and all for free!”

Our Volunteers  help to ensure that every visitor to Warwick Arts Centre has a wonderful experience. They enrich the experience from the performance on stage to an evening filled with excitement and laughter. Our volunteers welcome audiences and deliver the highest standards of customer service. Volunteers are based in the auditoria and foyers and ensure an accessible and safe environment for our visitors.

What’s involved

  • To engage with our customers and build positive relationships to encourage them to return to the Arts Centre.
  • To represent Warwick Arts Centre in a positive way at all times.
  • To help with enforcing licensing rules, including making all relevant safety checks and carrying out evacuation procedures when required.
  • To promote and comply with Warwick Arts Centre policies on equal opportunities, dress code and health and safety, both in the delivery of service and in the treatment of others.
  • To see some amazing performances for free!

This role will suit you if you;

  • Are full of enthusiasm and inspired to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Have a love for the arts.
  • Are a positive team player with the ability to assist in an emergency situation.
  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Can commit to volunteering for at least two shifts per month. Show rota’s are published bi-weekly and operate on a first-come first-served basis.

Volunteer Steward Role Description

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