As part of our new major exhibition, Subodh Gupta: From Far Away Uncle Moon Calls, the Mead Gallery, at Warwick Arts Centre, has launched the #PanOnTour project.

We want you to borrow our pan from our Gallery and cook a meal that has some value/meaning to you, take a photo and share it on Instagram.

It could be a dish that you cook for friends and family on special occasions, a treasured recipe handed down through generations, or simply a meal that reminds you of a special place or time in your life.

Subodh Gupta is famous for transforming the everyday materials of life into artworks and for questioning the value that we attribute to objects – including the food that we eat and the vessels in which it is cooked and served. The artist says: “Art is about life. So I make my work about myself and what I know – art is valuable because it is about experiences which have nothing in common with art.”

#PanOnTour Gallery

#panontour Celebrating Burns night with haggis, beet/carrot/celeriac clapshot & whisky sauce.

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Pan on Tour breakfast wrap

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