African Vision.jpg

African Vision

Sculpture and Masks from West Africa

Sat 28 May – Sat 25 Jun 1988

These carvings were collected primarily for their artistic interest and, in the case of the Garman Ryan Collection, are known to have had a direct influence on the work of Jacob Epstein, some of whose drawings are included in the exhibition. Their beauty and energy derives however, from their original purpose which expresses beliefs and a strong cultural identity.

The exhibition is drawn from collections in the West Midlands, notably the Danford Collection (University of Birmingham) and the Garman Ryan Collection (New Art Gallery, Walsall) and from the Duncan and Sugden Collections, neither of which have had major public exhibitions.

Researched by Marion Johnson and Allan Leary of the Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham. Organised and toured by the West Midlands Area Museum Service.