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The Weaker Vessel: The Role of Women During the Mid 17th Century

Exhibition organised and toured by Nottingham Castle Museum

Sat 6 Jun – Sat 4 July 1992

Antonia Fraser’s book “The Weaker Vessel” lends its title to this exhibition which marks the 350th anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War of 1642-1651. It will be held in conjunction with the exhibition ‘The Civil War, Arms and Armour from the Royal Armouries’ at Whitefriars, Coventry. There will be a number of Coventry linked events while the two exhibitions are on show.

Women from both camps, from all sections of society, played a significant role in the war. They defended home and land and some even went into battle. The exhibition will also explore the social context of women in the home and family during the period, through paintings, prints, diaries, pamphlets and personal belongings.