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Fresh Masaala: Poloumi Desai, Zineb Sedira, Ali Zaidi

*A Mead Gallery Exhibition with Moti Roti. *

Sat 15 Jan – Sat 26 Feb 2000

This spellbinding new project by the award-winning Moti Roti organisation blends photography, soundscapes and digital media to explore representations of British Asian Identities. The stereotypes are familiar, from the ‘Paki Shop’ victims of the 70’s or the ‘Asian Babes’ of the 90’s. At the dawn of this new era the time is ripe to reassess what it means to be British Asian.

Three contrasting artists, Poulomi Desai, Zineb Sedira and Ali Zaidi, have worked closely with fifty people to produce new, cleverly manipulated images and sounds of British Asian People which are aspirational, arresting, controversial, humorous and critical.

Soundscapes is the result of a number of workshops with young people from the Sidney Stringer Community College in Coventry, led by artist Poloumi Desai. It features their voices, talking about themselves, their experiences and their hopes in the light of this exhibition. Presented in the gallery space they offer a moving, enlightening and funny soundtrack to the exhibition; a wonderful way to connect visitors to the works on show.

On Wednesday 9 Feb, actor Nina Wadia will join the communities of Coventry in the Mead Gallery to celebrate the Soundscapes projects.

From Wed 9 Feb to Fri 11 Feb the Fresh Masaala photo booth will be available in the Mead Gallery. Come along and add your fact to those already involved in the exhibition and get your very own print-out of your self portrait as well as a glimpse into the way your features transform the composite face of our community

Exhibition supported by ArtsAdmin and Coventry Inspires; Soundscapes is a New Audiences project supported by the Arts Council of Britain.