Utopias: Cornford & Cross, Rodney Graham, Veli Grano, Matthias Muller, Mariele Neudecker

A Mead Gallery Exhibition

Thu 5 Oct – Fri 1 Dec 2000

Thomas More’s fable about a perfect society on the island of Utopia has generated many visions and philosophies about the way in which it might be realised. ‘Utopias’ is a stunning collection of images, sounds and ideas which explore the ways in which our cities and worlds are constructed and how we see our lives against a vast background of land and history.

‘Childhood’s End’ by Cornford & Cross has been specially commissioned for this exhibition. It is a Film and Video Umbrella touring exhibition developed in collaboration with the Mead Gallery, Norwich Gallery, the University of Wolverhampton and Nottingham Trent University. It has been supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England, Eastern Arts and West Midlands Arts.

‘Utopias’ incorporates a major project with the people of Coventry. Rebuilt after the war as a Utopian city, the realisation of this vision is inevitably flawed. A group of residents from the Hillfields area have come together to make a website which explores their vision of Utopia. The project is in partnership with Sidney Stringer Community College and Hillfields Early Years Centre and is supported by the European Social Fund and IBM and is part of Coventry Inspires.