Matthew Smith: The Poetics of Colour

A Mead Gallery Exhibition with support from the Guildhall Art Gallery of the City of London

Sat 12 Jan – Sat 9 Mar 2002

Matthew Smith (1879-1959) first visited France in 1910 where he came into brief contact with Matisse. His early works are characterised by the bright colours found in the avant-garde French painting of the time. His later work acknowledges nineteenth century French painters such as Delacroix with the use of richer colours and the languorous forms of his subjects. In his turn, the work of Matthew Smith influenced later artists such as Francis Bacon and Frank Auerbach.

This exhibition has been curated from the works bequeathed by Mathew Smith to the City of London. Drawn from his personal collection, it presents the artist’s view of his work; his favourite sitters and his constant exploration of figure studies and the composition of still life.