Anne Bjerge Hansen.jpg

Anne Bjerge Hansen: Middle Lands

A Mead Gallery commission for the screens of Warwick Arts Centre

Wed 27 Apr – Sat 25 Jun 2005

‘Middle Lands’ is a series of video works in which everyday events and fleeting moments are depicted. Viewers may glimpse surroundings that are familiar or suddenly recognise elements of the University landscape. These interventions play with the expectations and conventions of the still life in relation to the moving image.

The majority of the ‘Middle Lands’ images are influenced by straightforward observations of object-based events. Many of the pieces include items that were found or purchased from second hand shops. These items are introduced to situations and offer an new purpose to otherwise redundant things.

Anne Bjerge Hansen was born in Denmark in 1965 and is now based in the UK. She studied art in Copenhagen, Sweden and Glasgow and has exhibited work in venues across Europe. Middle Lands was commissioned for the Warwick Arts Centre plasma screens with the support of Arts in Business, in partnership with Parenthesis Design and Marketing Communications in Coventry.