Tomoko Takahashi.jpg

Tomoko Takahashi: Crash Course

A Mead Gallery Exhibition

Thu 11 May – Sat 17 Jun 2006

For her exhibition at Mead, Takahashi excavated the systems and organisational structures of the University of Warwick, meeting people from throughout the University, exploring the functions of the different departments and communities and the research and social interests of her collaborators.

Alongside this research, she identified and invited donations of cast-off, lost, useless material. Blackboards, posters, bags of recycled material, hundreds of pairs of spectacles, old computers, old furniture, bags of mushroom compost, a banjo … thousands of objects were delivered to the Mead Gallery and painstakingly arranged by the artist. Her installation took the debris of the University and turned it into an extraordinary landscape.

At the end of the exhibition, people queued from early in the morning to be first in line to enter the galleries and take whatever they wanted.