Hurvin Anderson and Henriette Grahnert.jpg

Hurvin Anderson and Henriette Grahnert

A Mead Gallery exhibition

Sat 28 Apr – Sat 23 Jun 2007

The Mead Gallery presents the first major museum show in the UK of the work of two young painters rapidly gaining international recognition.

Hurvin Anderson was born in Birmingham in 1965 and studied at the Royal College of Art, London. His work reflects a distinctive tradition of British genre painting, echoing the likes of Michael Andrews, David Hockney and Peter Doig. Like these artists, Anderson is a superb technician, a ‘painter’s painter’ with the ability to evoke a sense of something deeply personal into his work. In his work Anderson draws from his heritage as second generation Jamaican-British; the subjects of his paintings are developed from both of these cultures, overlapping his parents’ generation’s experiences with his own. This sense of something familiar yet detached is conveyed through his canvases in a dislocated sense of place.

Like Hurvin Anderson, Henriette Grahnert makes paintings that hover between figuration and abstraction. Her work privileges the process and detritus of painting that an artist usually struggles to conceal. Masking tape, drips, and the occasional bristle that’s worked loose, are retained and displayed with an equanimity that situates the extraneous at centre stage while ensuring no part is privileged over another. Henriette Grahnert was born in 1977 in Dresden, Germany. She graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Art and Design in Liepzig