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Artists' Plans for Sustainability

Joseph Beuys, Carole Collet, N55, Nils Norman, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Marjetica Potrc

Thu 2 May – Sat 22 Jun 2013

In just a few more decades, the world’s population will exceed 9 billion, 70% of which will live in cities. This exhibition brings together artists’ plans for innovative and radical solutions to a more sustainable and resilient way of life.

One of the first artists to examine sustainability was Joseph Beuys, a founder of the green movement in Germany in the 1960s. His famous multiple, Capri Battery, is here joined by the work of contemporary artists who propose a range of solutions to issues such as the waste and exploitation inherent in a textile industry founded in the Industrial Revolution, the hostility of the built environment to more sustainable behaviours, political divisions, food waste and the social and economic problems of Venice, a city faced with a binary catastrophe of rising sea levels and sinking land.

Visitors will be able to transfer some of the ideas to their own communities and homes and see how the Mead Gallery itself has endeavoured to limit the carbon impact of making this exhibition.

If you are planning to visit the exhibition with a school group, Teachers’ Notes are available to help you plan your visit and provide ideas for follow up activities. They can be downloaded by clicking on the icon to the right of the page.

The exhibition will be temporarily closed to visitors on Fri 3 May from 2pm – 9pm and on Sat 4 May from 12 noon – 5pm for the performance Still Life. The concurrent exhibition, Katie Paterson: In Another Time will remain open.