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My Stories, Your Emails Review by Sofia Marcheva

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From her first entrance onto the stage the bold Ursula Martinez, in her business suit with the famous red hanky, keeps her audience entertained, who continue to laugh even after the end of the performance.

Begging for a “spontaneous” round of applause, Martinez manages to make everyone laugh during the first few seconds of the show. By then mentioning a guy named Erik and his 19-centimetre-long penis, and promising to strip completely naked by the end of the show, Ursula sets a funny and perhaps even a little “pervy” tone for the rest of the performance.

The clever division of the stage into two parts – one with a book to represent her own stories and one with a laptop to signify “your emails” – gives a clear structure to the show. The transition between them is achieved through the screening of Ursula’s infamous striptease show that was uploaded on-line without her permission.

My Stories, Your Emails eamines the clash between one’s own sense of self and other people’s perceptions. Ursula’s innocent childhood stories are in direct conflict with the sexual proposals she receives every day online by fans of her naked video. However, instead of being ashamed or upset, Ursula manages to find the funny side in the improper emails. She restrains from preaching moral lessons and leaves the audience to reach their own conclusions about the everlasting dilemma in life – whether to preserve your true identity or to turn into the person who others want you to be.

I promise that My Stories, Your Emails is not just a performance that you will enjoy, but it will also inspire you to always wear your smile no matter how tough your life gets.

My Stories Your Emails is at Warwick Arts Centre Wed 5 & Thu 6 Dec.

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