Above Me The Wide Blue Sky

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky review by Emma Blauciak

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Do you remember “the slick yellow of butter cups?” or “the sharp green of leaves in spring?” Experience the intimacy of the starkly alienating yet strangely familiar in this rich, sensual and thoroughly evocative performance from Fevered Sleep.

The performance combines the emotional and the psychological in a beautifully vivid portrayal of nature enigmatically transposed against “the infinite black abyss”. Disturbing images puncture nostalgic bliss with life, death, sex, relationships and memory, all inextricably bound to nature. Prepare your mind to recognise the brutal yet ultimate concurrence of man and nature, to be in simultaneous contestation yet perfect symphony.

The performance presents a single actress, just a lady and her dog. An impressive multi-screen film installation works in synch with the narrative, with flashing lights and music blending and intensifying the emotional response. The visual potency of the monologue presents layers of semi-transparent and vaguely transposed images which accumulate then dissolve before the audience’s eyes.

This casual, interactive style lends itself to a highly personal yet decisively universal experience, one that is both claustrophobic and liberating. The first part of performance graphically and seemingly spontaneously depicts the evolution and growth of natural imagery. This is followed by a systematic deconstruction – a spade in the ground severs a worm, child’s play is punctuated by screaming and a teenager is swept out to sea, all cumulatively embedding a sense of loss, or of the potentiality for destruction which is always present in nature’s unpredictability.

Experience the uniquely compelling, the thought provoking and the perfect escape. Forget the moment and remember your roots – this show is a must.

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky is at Warwick Arts Centre until Sat 2 Mar 2013.