This_Is_Tomorrow 14 March 13

This_Is_Tomorrow: Critic Matt Trueman on Arts and Consumerism

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Reporting back from the second day of the This_Is_Tomorrow residency, critic Matt Trueman reflects on arts and consumerism as the artists visit WMG – Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Physics any more. Gone is the worn institutional furniture that calls to mind Peter Serafinowicz’s retro educational spoof Look Around You. In its place are orthopaedic beanbags and firm couches with in-built desks. You just know that they’re the product of research; precision engineered for the best possible results. Even the colour scheme – brilliant white and chewed grass green – feels pointed. A clean, crisp light streams in through the massive windows. This is Manufacturing – or rather WMG, Warwick Manufacturing Group – and it looks like every other corporate think space: a place for brainstorming and concept visualisation. Here, the PowerPoint presentation is king. It’s an environment made to maximise…

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