Is Culture Valuable

Is Culture Valuable?

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The Warwick Creative Exchange invites you to Is Culture Valuable?, the first in a planned series of seminars, to be held on* Thu 27 June 6-8pm* in the Studio, featuring playwright David Edgar.

Articulating cultural value is a key and ongoing issue for cultural organisations as well as for academics working across a wide range of disciplines. At this moment in particular, there is pressure and temptation to frame the value of arts and culture in ways that draw heavily from economics and to justify public spending in this field primarily in terms of jobs, economic development, and tourism. This seminar aims to tackle these issues from a wider set of concerns and approaches, in order to contribute to the growing debate on why and how the arts and culture are valued by both the people who create it and those who participate in it.

Is Culture Valuable?

A conversation facilitated by playwright and cultural commentator, David Edgar.

  • Dr Eleonora Belfiore, the #culturalvalue initiative, Centre for Cultural Policy Studies University of Warwick.
  • Chris Cooper, Artistic Director of Big Brum Theatre in Education.
  • Dr Will Davies, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick.
  • Deirdre Figueiredo, Director of Craftspace.

Please RSVP to Laura Edwards by Thu 20 Jun 2013.