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This is the Time of Your Life

Blog: This is The Time of Your Life

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Harley Ryley, our new Student Arts Rep Co-ordinator, shares a student's perspective on our new Autu…

This is a Fresh New Start
Will Thomas

Blog: This is a Fresh New Start

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An insight into the fresh new look of our autumn brochure, and the forthcoming website update arriv…

Sept-Oct Films

News: Sep/Oct Films Now on Sale

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Woody Allen and Richard Curtis return to our screens, alongside films featuring the lives of Prince…

Katie Paterson
Mead Gallery

Blog: Katie Paterson - Second Moon

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A new moon goes into orbit for one year: Katie Paterson, Second Moon, September 2013 - September 20…

Remastering the Classics
John Gore

Blog: Remastering the Classics

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A number of cinematic classics get a welcome re-release this month. Film Programmer John looks back…

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