Make it Reel: Lights, Camera, Action!
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Make It Reel 2013: Lights, Camera, Action!

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The third and fourth days of the Make It Reel project saw the group split up into their five teams and begin bringing their films to life.

Armed with cameras, props and tons of creative vision they set up at their different locations and began rehearsing and shooting their five minute movies. One of the brilliant aspects of the programme is that Dom and John give the groups complete creative control: the ideas all come from the young people and, using their newly acquired skills and techniques, they get to build something that is entirely their own.

Each group’s ideas were completely different, ranging from an adventure in a haunted theatre to a murder enquiry about a dropped doughnut! The groups divided the tasks of acting, directing, producing and filming between them so that everyone got the chance to showcase their talents and to try something new.

For a few of the young people this was their second summer of Make it Reel and they all said that what keeps them coming back is the chance to create something as a team and to see their ideas become a reality – with the advice and support of professionals like John and Dom. As for all the first time film makers, they were all really excited and enthusiastic about the programme and can’t wait to see their finished film.

The final remaining task is to edit the footage, adding all the special effects and finishing touches, before the premiere in the cinema on Friday at 5pm.

Words and images by Jess Devine, Marketing Intern. Check out more images from the first day of filming in the gallery below!