This is the Time of Your Life

This is The Time of Your Life

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Harley Ryley is a second year English and Comparative Literature student and the new Co-ordinator of our Student Arts Representatives (STARs). In the latest in our series of autumn season blogs, she shares her views on our new autumn season and the many opportunities for students to get involved with the life of Warwick Arts Centre.

You’ve just achieved your A Level results, and you’re so excited to be coming to the University of Warwick. You’re a third year, looking to bulk up your CV for your career prospects. You’re a postgraduate, wanting to try something new aside from your studies.

Whoever you are, whatever your chosen field of study, your time at university, as we’re so often told, truly is the best time of your life, and with so many opportunities waiting right on your doorstep, you’d be mad to miss out!

Are you passionate about the arts, but you don’t want to pay lots of money for tickets at local venues? Or perhaps, you want to aim for a career in the arts, but you can’t find any experience which fits in with your degree? Maybe, you love film, but find cinema tickets extortionate?

As Warwick students – freshers, 2nd years and postgrads alike – we have a fantastic resource that not many campuses in the country can offer. Far more than just a theatre, or a cinema, the Arts Centre is a hub of arts experience on campus, bringing companies from around the globe and offering opportunities you simply can’t find anywhere else. As much as the freshers’ entertainment programme, or Wednesday nights on campus may suggest otherwise, there is so much more to university life than crazy nights out, and getting involved with the arts is one of the most exciting and interesting ways to make the most of your experience.

This season, you can experience one of a plethora of exciting pieces of theatre, including the world premiere of Broken, an explosive dance performance which embarks on its global tour right here on our campus, as well as smaller, more intimate performances from renowned companies such as Forced Entertainment and Headlong. The best thing about theatre at Warwick Arts Centre? Tickets for many of the productions are just £6 for Warwick and Coventry students!

If film is more your thing, then take advantage of the £4 cinema tickets with quirky independent films and Oscar blockbusters alike. Look deeper into film with regular film talks, presented by specialists in their field, and complete with a film screening. Just above the cinema is the Mead Gallery, free to visit and with great new exhibitions each season, special events and classes. Whenever you pop in, before you grab a coffee from the cafe why not take a look!

Of course, if you are less of a spectator and want to get more hands-on with arts on campus, there are numerous ways. The Arts Centre supports Warwick students in gaining valuable experience in the arts, by becoming Performance Stewards, STARS or Mead Gallery Stewards. These positions offer a great insight into the running of a large arts venue, as well as giving you the chance to be a part of a dynamic team of like-minded people. If you’re tip-toeing closer to graduation and you’re looking for some serious work experience in marketing, look no further than than the marketing internships, offered quarterly!

With so much to do, and all of it ready and waiting on campus, there really is something for everyone. You don’t have to be a theatre studies student, or want a career in the arts, Warwick Arts Centre offers so many varied and interesting opportunities for everyone. If you’re looking for something to start with this season, why not grab a student ticket for The Secret Agent, a new adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s iconic novel, or dabble in the absurd with the dramatic retelling of Beauty & the Beast!