This is What We're Waiting For
Sinéad Bevan

This is What We're Waiting For

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Every season, our brochure lands on doormats across the Midlands, and every season, our trusted Box Office staff are on hand to man the phones for the flurry of calls that inevitably follows. They are the front line of the Warwick Arts Centre customer experience, and as such, are armed with expert knowledge about all our shows (and there are SO MANY shows!), ready to offer friendly advice or added insights to make sure a customer books a show that is right for them. Perfectly primed to help others decide what they’d like to see, in the second of our new series of blogs about our Autumn season we thought it was about time we heard what’s getting THEM excited about the new season!

David: “I’m very excited about the theatre programme this season – Franko B looks brilliant, then we’ve got Headlong’s 1984 they came with Medea last time, and that was an amazing production so I think this one’s going to be great! The theatre programme is basically going to be amazing. It’s jam-packed, and there’s so much to see.”

Dawn: “I’m really excited to bring my five year old nephew to see Dinosaur Zoo – I can’t wait to see his little face when they come to life on stage! And I’ve already booked my tickets to see Stewart Lee. He’s my favourite comedian, and I personally think he’s a bit of a genius! He’s got a really unique irreverent sense of humour that is so intelligent and observant. Last time he was here I met him, and he told me about how he loves performing at Warwick Arts Centre and what a great venue it is, so we know he enjoys returning to us!”

Sarah: “I’m very into Dance and I am a dancer, so I enjoy seeing new stuff and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Motionhouse with Broken. I got to do a couple of workshops with them this year, and I’ve seen the set when they were rehearsing, so I kind of know some secrets about what it’s going to look like! Nobulus also looks really good, and I think the shadow dance group (Attraction) who won Britain’s Got Talent might make this show very accessible, and be really good for audiences who haven’t seen any dance before.”

Emma: “I’m looking forward to seeing
Jonzi D because I’ve heard a lot of good things about him and his stuff, but I’ve never actually seen him, and I’m intrigued as to what that will be like. And Joshua Light Show sounds like it’s going to be visually stunning!”

Helen: “I saw Motionhouse’s show Scattered three times, but that’s the only one of their’s I’ve ever seen, so to be able to see this new piece Broken be great.
I’m really interested to see 1984, mainly because my boyfriend’s obsessed with the book, so he really wants to come and see that!”

Amanda: “I’m very excited about Bullet and the Bass Trombone because it reminds me of a show we had here years ago, which took over the whole of the Butterworth Hall, called L’Ascenseur
and a theatre show in the hall immediately says to me “Hmm, this should be interesting!” Theatre company Sleepdogs are renowned for doing some quite strange things, so I’m really looking forward to this one. The plot of The Noise reminds me of all the really good telly we have at the minute, like The Returned and Top of the Lake; those amazing, bizarre but very good shows, and I think if they do this well, it’s going to be incredible. It’s in the studio, so it could be very intense and send you out with your head spinning. Beauty & the Beast looks very very edgy and it’s got the wonderful Mat Fraser in it, who’s absolutely terrific on stage – I’ve seen him before here, years ago. I think not everyone’s going to like it, but it could be really good fun. Kneehigh with knobs on! Funny and silly and sexy and great!”

Sue: “The Mead Gallery looks good with its Buster Keaton exhibition, and I
might come to another classical concert. We came to one last season, because we decided to start having a taste of classical music, after I’d been here 20 years and never been to a classical concert before!”

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