Michael Rosen - Centrally Heated Knickers
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Rosie's Work Experience at Warwick Arts Centre

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Rosie tells us about a week spent at Warwick Arts Centre:

Whilst most of my friends have worked in shops or offices, I chose to do work experience at Warwick Arts Centre instead and I’ve been very glad I did. On my first day, I watched the set up for Centrally Heated Knickers by Michael Rosen, and then watched the show itself and it was really interesting to see the set and the lighting that had just been put together be used less than an hour later in a show to a live audience. Then I helped in the box office, listening in to phone bookings and realising how many different questions they get asked.

Since then I have learned about just how many different jobs and tasks there are in an arts centre as big as Warwick, from educational projects, to booking the programme, to collecting the many items for the stars dressing room so that they have everything they want. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the many tasks that go on backstage and upstairs and it’s been fun helping out with some jobs that I barely even thought about, like delivering leaflets around campus. It’s been interesting seeing how the different jobs in the centre often change from day to day because Warwick Arts Centre constantly has so much going on that there are always exciting new shows to organise and set up, or new projects to plan.

I’m looking forward to seeing the front of house side of it tonight, and seeing what’s involved when trying to get four different audiences in to see their show or film.

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By Rosie Staley