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Enemy Cancelled - Change in Film Schedule

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It is never good to have to change a programme once you have gone to press but from time to time, we have such things thrust upon us. So it is with Enemy, which was due to screen for the week of 6 Jun. The distributors have decided to withdraw it for now but I expect it will emerge later in the year. Perhaps it was delayed due to the close resemblance it bore to The Double (Tue 20 – Thu 22 May). Maybe they thought that the public could not cope with two doppelganger movies in quick succession and could not tell them apart. I love the irony of that thinking!

Anyway, what this does is allow me to bring back Calvary for Fri 6 – Mon 9 Jun, this dark humoured film has been getting audiences suitably animated and leaving them with plenty to talk about.

From Tue 10 to Thu 12 Jun, I have been able to include something that I saw at the London Sundance festival last month and delighted me. Blue Ruin is a by-the-book thriller that bears comparison to early Coen Bros movies like Blood Simple and straight out of the Hitchcock handbook of building suspense from the everyday. After being introduced to a dishevelled drifter, we are are soon swept up in a full-on revenge thriller. Mark Kermode gets it right (as so often he does) in his Observer review. The result is really satisfying and a masterclass of economy and visual storytelling: good cinema. If you enjoy a classic thriller, this is for you.

If you fancy something rather more arch, I have just seen Roman Polanski’s Venus in Fur (Fri 20 – Thu 26 Jun). This is a delightful piece of on-screen theatre in which an actress endeavours to convince a director that she is the woman for the part in his latest production, a revival of Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs. Mathieu Amalric bears a striking resemblance to the Polanski of 30 years ago and Mrs Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner is the actress/temptress/nemesis. It is a long time since my weary old eyes have beheld such electrifying on-screen erotic charge. Playful and mischievous, it reassures us that age need not encumber the imagination or talent.

Treat yourselves.

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