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Make the kids earn their keep this half-term!

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It’s half-term, it’s raining, and the kids might be getting under your feet. What’s the best thing to do with them? Send them out to work!

As part of the Mead Gallery’s current exhibition which focuses on the impact of the industrial revolution on our culture, they’ll be hosting some fun activities inspired by the kind of work children would have done in the factories back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

There will be self-led activities available throughout the day with additional activities, supported by Mead staff, taking place between the hours of 12pm – 4pm. Children will be given “factory” work through a variety of fun activities relating to the industries for which Coventry is famous – including making paper (jet) engines. A passbook will be given to our young workers when they clock in for work at the Mead Factory. This book will then be stamped for every activity completed and is yours to keep. As a break from the work, children will also be introduced to traditional games – many dating back to Victorian times.

And if the weather’s nice, there’s also a chance to get out and about around campus with the Mead Gallery’s audio guide to the Sculpture trail – pick up an mp3 player and some headphones from Box Office and begin an art hunt!

For more information on the Mead Gallery’s current exhibition and additional events, visit their website at

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