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Simon Bedford - Associate Producer (Digital)


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Simon Bedford, the Associate Producer (Digital) at Warwick Arts Centre, explains his role at Warwick Arts Centre in our brand new festival of work #sonicgorilla.

Sonic Gorilla is your chance to encounter sound in unexpected and unusual spaces at Warwick Arts Centre and around the University of Warwick campus. It is an opportunity to be transported on audio journeys to places you wouldn’t normally be able to access. And it will enable you to turn the fabric of the Arts Centre building into a musical instrument that you can play.

My brief as the Arts Centre’s Associate Producer (Digital) is to seek out artists and technologists whose work tells stories and communicates ideas in ways that playfully utilises technology.

I am really excited to share Sonic Gorilla with you, especially as we have been able to commission the creation of three brand new pieces of work from artists who definitely live up to that idea.

Some of the inspiration for Sonic Gorilla comes from my favourite podcast series 99% Invisible. In an episode titled Elegy to WTC there is an exploration of how the inherent creaking sound that the World Trade Centre towers made as they swayed in the wind enabled its structural engineers to measure that movement. It is a devastatingly emotional, yet strikingly simple piece of audio.

I have long been fascinated by the diversity of sounds we encounter in our everyday lives, even if we aren’t always fully aware of them. Sonic Gorilla is a series of works from artists who share that same fascination. Look out for an invasion of electronic lifeforms as they swarm playfully across campus or use a descent of woodpeckers to start your own performance of the building.

I really hope you’ll enjoy stumbling upon and exploring these works, helping you to listen to the world around you in new and exciting ways.

Mostly, I hope that it will catch you unaware and make you laugh and smile.

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