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John Gore

Film Blog: Diary of A Teenage Girl

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In his latest blog, our film programmer John Gore shares his thoughts on Diary of A Teenage Girl.

I was directed to this film by a female colleague who spoke positively of its frankness and honesty. From my perspective, having been swept along by the tides of liberation politics in the 1970s, I recognise the philosophies and beliefs present in the film. This spirit of the age is what has also, recently, landed various celebrities in the dock for inappropriate and unlawful activity.

The film boasts a fearless performance by Bel Powley, most recently seen representing the young Princess Margaret as a teenage binge drinker. This role carries much of the same innocence and enthusiasm but treads in a much greyer area.

I would not question the 18 certificate as an advisory guide to audiences, not to protect the young and impressionable, whom, I suspect, already know as much if not more on the subject, but to serve as guidelines to viewers of any age that have reluctance to be presented with such forthright images on a night out.