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Brian Bishop, Education Director

Digitopia Preview

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I was delighted to see the opening night of Digitopia last week at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham. Tom Dale Company have created a unique and exciting family show – we’re so happy to have been co-commissioners on a show that makes children and adults alike smile and sit back in awe.

Dance for young children can often be a bit twee and unambitious, but Digitopia is something spectacular and highly watchable for all ages. The show is a gentle and playful story of growing friendship in a world of light, colour and pattern created by cutting edge, interactive, digital projection technology, which can be small and focused or bursting onto the whole stage between one moment and the next.

The dancers sometimes follow the projections as they create their ever changing light worlds, but the projections also chase the dancers making for plenty of laughs too.

The two characters and their growing friendship gives the show a very warm centre with the boy character, Hex, gradually turning from a projected stick man only able to move in straight lines into a fully-fledged 3D person.

Digitopia is a great addition to our Family Programme and I very much hope you enjoy it as much as the audience in Nottingham. And I recommend getting here a little early – the company are bringing some extra sound and light playfulness to the foyer before the show too.

Tom Dale Company in partnership with MOKO Dance present
A dancing digital wonderland
Fri 26 – Sun 28 Feb 2016
Venue: Studio
Tickets: £11.25 (£8.25)

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