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John Gore on the Oscars

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I have just got back from the Vanity Fair aftershow party. It is always a problem getting a cab back from Kenilworth at that time in the morning.

No alarms and no surprises – I was 100% right on the key categories but I don’t think the odds would be very long this year. Not that this is all cynicism. Mark Rylance won Best supporting actor ahead of Sly Stallone, which was mildly surprising (but then he was appearing in an otherwise ignored Spielberg movie) and Alicia Vikander won out over Kate Winslett in Best Supporting Actress.

Elsewhere, this year’s Holocaust movie, Son of Saul, won Best Foreign Language and the music doc, Amy, won Best Documentary.

Brits were disproportionately well represented; Rylance, (Is Alicia Vikander still Swedish or as British as she sounds?), Amy, Sam Smith for the suitably anodyne Writing’s On The Wall from Spectre and Jenny Beavan for Fury Road costume design.

Will things change next year to become more representative of society at large? We await this with great anticipation. The problems lie not solely with the Academy but with the industry (industries) as a whole where diversity does not appear to be a key concern. It may lead to more diverse stories being told and far more challenge for we cynics to anticipate the outcomes.

Should you have missed out on viewing the contenders, more opportunities await in forthcoming weeks at Warwick Arts Centre.

The Revenant opens on Friday. That is how confident I was of the outcome of Best Actor! Room, The Danish Girl, and Spotlight are all awaiting. In the “What Should Have Won” category, Carol is back at Easter and Anomalisa (Best Animated feature) opens in mid April. Son of Saul will follow in May – watch this space.

Commiseration to Shaun the Sheep for missing out on a statuette. I am confident there will be a more level field in future and Shaun will be in clover before too much longer.