Student Ambassador Review: Broken

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After the grand success of Broken premiere at Warwick in 2013, Leamington-based dance company Motionhouse return to Warwick Arts Centre following a worldwide tour. The masterfully designed, adrenaline filled multi-media spectacle ensures a poignant experience from the moment you walk into the theatre. However, the show will definitely hit all your other senses too.

The physicality of the dancers was extremely powerful itself and the seamless coordination between the moves and the use of multimedia invited an even more active engagement from the audience. The high resemblance between the digital imagery of the movement within the earth and the dancers’ athletic moves left the audience in awe: from hanging in suspension, diving for support and scrambling to safety, the dancers negotiate the cracks and craters of a world of illusions where nothing is quite as it seems, enabling the show to completely unfold the beauty of dance.

A sudden transition from the natural, imaginary setting to the modern city setting was striking, both visually and mentally. The seemingly clearer yet still implicit relationship between us human beings and the earth reached a climax at the seismic scene. And the subsequent, thought-provoking silence, coincided by the quiet audience who seemed utterly impressed lead us all to question: What’s next for the human race, and the earth?

The symbolic association between human beings and the earth was easily perceived through recurring imagery of the continental crust and seismic scenery. Nevertheless the initial inspiration for Kevin Finnan, the acclaimed choreographer, was from the real case of the Centralia mine fire which has been burning for 54 years in Pennsylvania, US. He also mentioned, in the post-show talk, the team’s effort in putting together a variety of other sources, which gave the performance even more layers for close analysis.

The full house turnout last night and the passionate audience at the post-show talk both indicate Broken’s success. So whether you’re after some philosophical food for thought or artistic pleasure, this masterpiece by Motionhouse is not to be missed!

Broken is showing at the Warwick Arts Centre tonight Fri 5 Feb 7.30pm. You can purchase your tickets online or in person at the Box Office.

Coventry University and University of Warwick Student tickets are available at the reduced price of £6.50 with student ID.