Gerard Byrne 1/125 of a Second Mead Gallery Photography © Francis Ware

Photo Credit: Francis Ware

Student Ambassador Review: Gerard Byrne 1/125 of a Second

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Painting and sculpture have been part of the most dominant art forms for at least the past five centuries. With more and more technological innovations, artists have started using photography, film and moving image installations to captivate us, and draw us into their world. But what is a moving image, and how does it move us?

Dublin based artist Gerard Byrne’s 1/125 of a Second exhibition envelops several video installations that explore the way society understands the present through revisiting the past. From tranquil imagery of an old museum in ‘Life within an image’, to more controversial topics such as drug use and sexual behavior in ‘Subject’ (2009) or ‘New Sexual Lifestyles’ (2002), this exhibition demonstrates the ever-changing aspect of society. The video image as an art form illuminates the question of what an image is, as well as the impact that it has on us, whereas the installation manages to bind the viewer to their own interactions with space, especially when taking into consideration the artist’s unique way of presenting the imaged future of past generations. In his words, this show is a reflection on the relationship between diorama and film, and how one can expose cultural changes in attitudes towards sex, sexual freedom, and gender politics through such an encompassing medium.