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Student Ambassador Review: Opus 7

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Circa Tsuica are a French circus company on their first tour through the UK with the support of Crying Out Loud. The fun already begins before entering the Theatre, as the Arts Centre swings to the beats of the Warwick Big Band and the smell of fresh crepes fills the space.

From the very moment the music starts on stage, the artists as well as the audience are buzzing with energy. Live acrobatic tricks are always spectacular to watch, but in Opus 7 the live performance of funky brass music played by acrobats standing on each other’s shoulders becomes a mind-blowing experience. Time and again you think “no way, this is impossible”, and then they manage to surprise you again. How hard must it be to balance 5 people on one bike – and they do it while playing their instruments. Have you ever seen a brass band doing a huge balancing and sew-saw act in perfect sync with their own music? Or somebody singing and playing the ukulele while being balanced upside down? During all their dare-devil stunts, the artists never drop the beat or lose their rhythm. Instead, the music goes on and carries you through the stunning and at the same time incredibly funny performance.

From acts that involve a hat flying in slow-motion to human pyramids and tightrope acrobatics – Opus 7 has everything a circus performance needs and more. The grand finale includes the Warwick Big Band on stage doing Soundpainting: a performance conducted by sign language – that is then also applied to the audience. This made the show a unique experience enabling us to join in with the artists.

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