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Box Office Top Picks for Summer

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For those of you who haven’t seen our Summer programme or for those of you who have and simply feel spoilt for choose, don’t worry, our charming and erudite Box Office team have got you covered. They have each compiled their top picks of the season to give you a fighting chance at deciding which shows to go to first.
This Summer is host to one of our most varied and imaginative season of events, so don’t take our word for it, these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to a great evening out at the Arts Centre.

Rob Auton: The Water Show
Fri 6 May 8pm
Rob Auton has a rare talent to be both funny and moving as he contemplates a topic with child-like wonderment. Praised by both Daniel Kitson and Scroobius Pip, you definitely don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to see a gem of the alternative arts scene.

YolanDa Brown and Mica Paris
Sat 7 May 8pm
When I’ve seen her shows YolanDa is always bursting with enthusiasm and her performances are uproarious good fun. She’s going to be accompanied by soul-legend Mica Paris and her set promises to be a showcase of jazz with a taste of the Caribbean, inspired by the rhythms of reggae. What’s there not to love?

32 Rue Vandenbranden
Thu 19 & Fri 20 May 7.30pm
32 Rue Vandenbranden is an excellent opportunity to see a critically acclaimed dance show from an international dance company that are rarely showcased in the Midlands. I’m looking forward to being part of a dance festival that seeks to share ideas, skills and styles from a variety of cultures and individuals.

Dinosaur Zoo
Sat 28 May 11,30am, 2pm & 4.30pm
Sun 29 May 11am & 2pm
I saw Dinosaur Zoo last time it was at the Arts Centre with my eldest grandchild and I am now going to see it again with my youngest. The whole experience is made really special for children when they are allowed to play with the baby dinosaurs on the stage and in the foyer. The puppets are wonderful, and there is plenty of humour and spectacle that makes it just as much fun for the parents, and grandparents(!), as it is for the kids.

Graeme of Thrones
Fri Jun 3 8pm
This summer, winter is coming, but maybe not in the way I’ve come to expect. Arriving at the Arts Centre on the 3rd of June is an irreverent, but clearly heart-felt take on Game of Thrones. The TV show is perfect for parody, but even if you know nothing Jon Snow, Graeme provides a hilarious introduction to the series that may even get you to start watching.

RSC Live: Hamlet
Wed 8 Jun 7pm
The new production from the RSC has received excellent reviews and I can’t wait to see it streamed on the big screen in the theatre. I love the live recordings of the RSC as the screen offers dazzling close ups of the performers, providing a new dimension to the way we can enjoy live theatre.

Sing-along Calamity Jane
Fri 17 Jun 8.30pm
On 17th June you are definitely going to see the Box Office team in our spurs and cowboy hats, belting our hearts out to Black Hills of Dakota along with Doris. This looks to be a successful follow up to our hugely enjoyable Grease sing-along, but with the added bonus of being compered by the fabulous “housewife extraordinaire”, Barbara Nice.

Fri 17th Jun 7.30pm
Broken truly is the cutting-edge of contemporary dance, blending creative choreography with an innovative use of digital projection, the movements of the dancers are enhanced beautifully. It is stylish, innovative and visually stunning. I can’t wait to see it again.

7 Promises
Sat 18 Jun 9.30pm
7 Promises looks set to be an ironically sobering but enjoyable and necessary evening about some of the greatest challenges our world faces in the near future. It combines urgent political theatre, highlights troubling ecological truths – and adds humour and vodka to the mix. That’ll do me!

Johnny and The Baptists
Sat 18 Jun 7pm
Last time I saw Johnny and the Baptists they made me wear a swim cap, told me I was a representation of Matthew Hancock the MP and then sang a rude song at me. Safe to say it was brilliant. Johnny Donahoe and his Baptists (Paddy Gervase) have great chemistry and are eminently likeable, but most importantly they sing really, really funny songs. Enjoy!