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The BFG: Family Activities

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In celebration of the hugely anticipated The BFG, which premieres at Warwick Arts Centre this summer (Fri 22 Jul – Thu 4 Aug 2016), we’ve pulled together a series of fun family-friendly activities for you to enjoy.

1. The BFG Quiz
Visit Roald Dahl Fans website and test your BFG knowledge with their interactive quiz:

2. Make Your Own BFG Ears
Want to look ‘exunkly’ like the Big Friendly Giant? Here’s how:

3. Word Search
Can you find all of made-up words that feature in the book?

4. Draw like Quentin Blake
Want to learn how to draw like Quentin Blake, the illustrator of BFG and many other Roald Dahl books? Visit the ‘Hints & Tips’ section of his website:

5. Our Family Dream Jar
Help your children set goals and follow their dreams by creating a Family Dream Jar.

6. Whip up some Roald Dahl recipes
Make your own Snozzcumbers with this simple recipe:

Have some BFG activities you’d like to share? Leave your comments and links below.