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The FREE French Without Tears practical workshop with Associate Director Spencer Noll, takes place on Mon 31 Oct from 1.30 – 3pm.

This is an incredible opportunity to work with the prestigious English Touring Theatre! ETT is one of the UK’s most successful and exciting production companies, widely regarded as England’s National Theatre of Touring. The company works with leading artists to stage an eclectic mix of new and classic work for audiences throughout the UK and overseas; theatre that is thrilling, popular and, above all, entertaining! Check out their website for more company information: “”.

French Without Tears tells the story of a group of young men who upon arriving at Monsieur Maingot’s French school for the summer to cram for the Diplomatic exam, find their concentration disrupted by beautiful visitor Diana Lake. Quelle surprise, they must learn another new language: girls. At first, it seems pretty simple. Kit loves Diana and she loves him. And Bill. Oh, and darling Alan, of course. Then there’s Jack: she’s in love too. Meanwhile, Babe conceals his feelings… Not so simple after all.

French Without Tears is ideal for student audiences as it explores three big ideas that are central to young adult life – relationships, being faced with huge decisions and feeling like you don’t belong.

This workshop is perfect for students interested in getting to the heart of the play by using improvisation exercises to find ways to relate to the central themes. Participants will address flirting and power games in relationships, look at tricky head/heart decisions that can prove a huge tug-of-war, especially with pressure from family and peers and explore what it means to be the ‘outsider’ of a group and the struggle it can be to learn how to fit in or even accept that not fitting in is sometimes okay.

If you are interested in working with some really great theatre makers, exploring creative improvisation techniques and seeing how an exciting and innovative company like ETT bring their productions to life then this is the workshop for you!

If you would like to book your place in this workshop or if you have any further questions, please reply to me and I will book you in.

Places are limited so get in touch soon to secure your space! Please contact Lynsey Cullen, Education Coordinator: or 024 761 51793.

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