Warwick Arts Centre to give out samples of ‘Creative Air’

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Warwick Arts Centre, will start giving out samples of ‘Creative Air’, collected by the team over the past 40 years, it has announced today.

Since opening in 1974, Warwick Arts Centre has welcomed thousands of artists, actors, dancers and performers through its doors – many of whom have been at the height of their creative game. Over the past 43 years, staff at Warwick Arts Centre have saved bottles of air from the dressing rooms, on stage and back stage areas, and stored them carefully in a temperature-controlled environment.

Often the air will be a blend from a number of creative people in the room or backstage at any one time, be they actors, musicians, producers or comedians. However, on occasion the team have managed to gather what they term as the ‘single malt’ – an A-list jar of Creative Air from one specific artist at the very top of the arts world. Creative Air has been collected from some very famous names including Paloma Faith, Lenny Henry, Jeremy Irons, Sarah Millican, Billy Connelly, Kiri te Kanawa, Elvis Costello, Led Zepplin and Paul Weller.

Director of Warwick Arts Centre, Alan Rivett, says: “What started as a bit of fun to create an interesting collection back in the seventies, filling jars with air from our artistic visitors, has now taken on a new meaning. Many people feel they are lacking creative flair, but with the opportunity to sample our exclusive collection, they begin to feel more inspired and bubbling with creative energy.”

Bottles of Creative Air will be on display from Monday 3rd April for a limited time. However, for those that cannot get to Warwick Arts Centre during that period there is a solution. Alan Rivett continues: “We have just launched our Summer 2017 programme of events and we have a season packed full of creativity. If audiences can’t get to try the vintage Creative Air on offer then they can come and watch some of the wonderful performances and take some deep breaths of creative air at its inspirational the source.”