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10 mins with...TEN Dancer, Tom Tindall

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Tom Tindall is one of eight exceptional performers that will present ACE dance and music’s new show, Ten, next week in our studio. We caught up with Tom – who hails from just down the road in Hereford – to see how he started his career, how he deals with pre-show nerves and what advice he has for young performers.

Where are you from and what is your professional background?
I was born in Hereford in the West Midlands. My first dance classes were in breakdance growing up with 2Faced Youth Dance Company. From the age of 18 I took my BPA and Post Graduate Diploma at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

When did you know, you wanted to dance professionally? What drew you to dance?
When I was about 15, I never had much interest in academic work and I enjoyed the physicality, discipline and creativity of dance. Performing a lot as a teenager really made me want to peruse it as a career.

What made you want to work with ACE dance and music?
I remember watching an ACE production whilst studying at Northern and was amazed by the performance from the dancers to the music and choreography. Since then I always wanted to dance for the company, this is now my second production as a dancer with ACE.

During TEN tour, which performance has been your favourite and why?
Amsterdam has been my favourite so far as the audience were great and the theatre was packed out, as well as it being a great stage and by this point the piece had started to settle in my body. Runner up has to be the 11am performance at Gloucester Academy school, to a young audience who has seen no contemporary dance before. I hope it won’t be the last time for some of them.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Hahaha, I have to take a trip to the toilet before every show. But that’s just me, as a company we gather together for a huddle and group chat before every show.

What are the key things to remember whilst performing?
Apart from the essentials; counts, movement, spacing. To enjoy yourself and go 100% until the bows even if you feel like collapsing.

What is it like to be in a professional company?
It’s great! Especially because we are all so close as dancers and have a laugh together. In the studio we have fun but it’s great to be pushed and to continually developed my skills and creativity. It also gives you the opportunity to travel and perform the work to different audiences across the world, can’t complain about that!

What advice would you give to aspiring dancers who are beginning their journey?
Take classes locally or even with companies for company class. Be open to all forms of dance, people are fusing styles left right and centre nowadays. The more versatile you can be the better, improving in one dance style can help improve them all. Oh and network, the more people you know the more opportunities you will find out about.

ACE dance and music’s Ten is at Warwick Arts Centre for one night only on Wed 24 May 2017. For information, click here