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Young students celebrate technology and creativity with Digifest

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On Sat 17 Jun don’t miss Digifest, a brand new festival celebrating creativity and technology: discover virtual sculpture, join our young Game Makers for a cinematic gaming experience or build your own weird musical instrument!

The festival be hosted by young people who have participated in our Creative Coding project, Play Code Share, for the past three years. The project, managed by Warwick Arts Centre’s Creative Learning team, aims to extend the experience and understanding of pupils and teachers by making direct links to the latest digital technologies and their creative application. It was open to primary and secondary schools to give them the opportunity to explore a new creative model of delivering computer programming by working with experts in the field.

Head of Creative Learning, Kate Sayer, said “Play Code Share is a project which brings together Computer Science and the Arts in an exciting way. The students were given the opportunity and taught the skills that are required of them in the Curriculum but in a creative and playful way which empowers them to continue their learning outside of school. We are delighted at the impact it’s having on Teaching and Learning in the schools we are working in and look forward to even more ambitious exploration in the future!”

PlayCodeShare was developed and delivered by Digital Artist Ashley James Brown who has over 8 years experience working with technology enabled artworks and interactive experiences. It was also supported by Dr Claire Rocks from the University of Warwick and led in schools currently by Mandeep Matharu and Sheryl Lawlor.

Digifest is completely free of charge and will include children’s work completed in school with artist Ashley James Brown for the last three years. It will also feature work and workshops by artists selected by Ashley to show where the young people’s skills can be taken next. For more information and the complete programme click here.