A selection of scenes from backstage at Warwick Arts Centre

My Favourite Things...The variety and backstage

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In our new series of interviews entitled ‘My Favourite Things…’ we talk to our team, students and audiences about their must see pieces of art, theatre, film or simply things they love about Warwick Arts Centre. Kate,our Head of Creative Learning tells us how much she loves the variety of Warwick Arts Centre and behind the scenes – backstage.

My name is Kate and I am the Head of Creative Learning at Warwick Arts Centre. I’ve been here for 6 months so I think I can still just about get away with saying I’m new.

The best thing about Warwick Arts Centre is the variety. One of my best days here I showed a school group around the sculptures on campus and the Mead Gallery and then in the evening went to a cinema screening and a contemporary dance show. Before I started working here I used to love spending time exploring the programme – there’s always so much choice.

I think what’s great about the variety in the programme is that there is something for everyone. When I’m watching shows I love looking around the foyers and guessing which show they are seeing. That doesn’t happen in a ‘normal’ venue, it’s unique to an Arts Centre setting.

Of course, working here I get to see how the shows are made. As with all Learning members of staff I’m curious about everything. The best bit of my induction was a backstage tour with our Technical Director, Howard. I got to see tunnels, clamber over the wire rig in the Butterworth Hall and see all the spaces from above. When you get to see the show being put in during the day and the finished piece in the evening it makes it even more special.

I can’t wait for the Autumn so the rhythm of shows and audiences begins again. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing some of the digitally inspired pieces – Charge by Motion House and Frogman. I’m also looking forward to the family shows we have coming, especially Snow Mouse.