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MI:Lab Sharing Event

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It has been an exciting first term for MI:Lab and last week, family and friends were treated to the results of all of the hard work the young people have put in to their sessions!

In an end of term sharing event, the MI:Lab students’ got the chance to show off their new skills to friends and family in the Helen Martin Studio. Guided by Ludic Rooms over the last term, they had been looking the wide variety of moving image that is now a part of our everyday life, exploring and interpreting a variety of sources while developing skills in video capture, virtual reality, online apps and animation, amongst many others.

Throughout the MI:Lab Sharing Event, the participants gave demonstrations of the technology they’ve been using and took friends and family behind the scenes to show how they’ve created the effects, from holograms and green-screening to projection-mapping. It was an outstanding display of young ambition and talent with parents commenting that ‘my daughter loved this course. She’s always fiddling on her iPad with an arty app now,’ and ‘the technology that these kids have access to with you is incredible. My son loves it. He absolutely loves it. If he could be here every night, he would.’ It’s clear that the young people involved in MI:Lab this last term have been inspired to question and create both in and out of sessions and that can only mean good things for the future of digital art in Coventry and beyond.

MI:Lab was born out of several years of Warwick Arts Centre’s successful summer film school, called Make it Reel (click here to book for this summer!), which gives young people the opportunity to make short films that are screened in the cinema at Warwick Arts Centre. These courses have been very popular with participants returning year on year and asking for a more regular activity. What has been evident from years of experience with Make it Reel is that the young participants have also developed a range of other skills as they address their creative brief namely; collaboration, motivation, resilience and a desire to review and improve their work. With generous funding from The Higgs Charity, the MI:Lab project has built on this principle and helped young people to grow these transferrable skills which are crucial for the jobs market. MI:Lab has undoubtedly encouraged the participants to explore, collaborate and experiment in generating new art together and we are already looking forward to seeing what they create next term! Look out for booking information on the website, coming soon or get in touch for more information.

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