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Touring Suitcase Diaries: I INFINITE

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We asked Tom Dale, Artistic Director of Tom Dale Company, about his new show I INFINITE and what make up his packing essentials!

When on tour with a show, what are your five packing essentials – what goes in your suitcase?

Things I try not to forget are: my notebook, which is absolutely essential for work; my Kindle (what an amazing invention for people who travel regularly!); and I like to have a few books on the go. I also take my laptop, headphones and a laser measure!

Do you have any music you like to listen to in order to chill out/psych yourself up before a show?

I like all different kinds. For the tech set up, it will normally be electronic music. Think Ital Tek, Om Unit, Moresounds, Rival Consoles. For the dancer’s warm up, it might start with some soul and R&B, but it will usually move to something more meditative before a show like this. Something like Loscil, Max Richter or Nils Frahm.

Are there any rituals you have for good luck in a show?

I just organise the space, make sure everything is just right, make sure I talk to the dancers, generally make sure the music choice in the space feels right and keep calm. If I do get the chance, I often do a bit of yoga before a show, even though I don’t perform any more.

A production can be very time consuming, do you find that you think about the show even while not directly working on it?

Absolutely, it will be going on in the background all of the time. I will often think of solutions to problems just before I wake up in bed, but that is usually during the creative period whilst making a show. In those times it really is about capitalising on those good ideas when you are away from the rehearsal space so you have fresh things to do when you come in to work. Good ideas definitely don’t just happen in the studio.

What things are the essential ingredients of I INFINITE?

I would say mixing computation, courage, and flow through fragmentation and controlling this effervescence of performing energy. Abstract yet emotional.

I INFINITE will be at Warwick Arts Centre on Thu 11 & Fri 12 Oct. For more information and to book tickets, click here.