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Touring Suitcase Diaries: Underneath

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From prayer to pizza, Pat Kinevane paints a portrait of play and performance that is matched only by the vibrancy of his show, Underneath, which comes to Warwick Art Centre on Thu 29 Nov…

When on tour with a show, what are your five packing essentials – what goes in your suitcase?

My must-pack items would be socks, jocks, t-shirts, jeans and spare contact lenses. I buy all of my touring clothes from Primark and always have a capsule wardrobe of the above in the bag. When they get worn out and scraggy from travel, I just buy a new set of everything, and all cheap as chips!!

Do you have any music you like to listen to in order to chill out/psych yourself up before a show?

Kate Bush is always a great way to ground me before a show. I love her artistry and talent and uniqueness. I have been a fan since the beginning of her career and still am in awe of her massive musicality. So, most nights, pre-curtain, it’s just me and Kate singing in the dressing room together! She is a rare Goddess.

Are there any rituals you have for good luck in a show?

Yes. I pray a lot. It makes me feel safe. I am of no particular faith but I love my Rebel buddy Jesus and I also ask my late Father and Brother to protect me on stage during the show, as I feel them around me frequently. Oh, and I don’t drink coffee on the day of a performance, as it drives me mental!

A production can be very time consuming, do you find that you think about the show even while not directly working on it?

I rarely think of work when I am not working. I have become really good at leaving work behind and living my life as a separate joy.

What things are the essential ingredients of Underneath?

Underneath is a large juicy pizza topped with grated caution, salty sadness, roasted regret, slices of fear, diced anger, heaps of hate, soar hilarity, massive love and compassion and a big dirty lump of vintage Irish Cheese!

Buy your tickets to see Pat in Underneath on Thu 29 Nov here

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