Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a web site, and that web site can then retrieve the contents of that cookie. Most web sites use cookies to remember information about you and your preferences, either for the duration of your visit or for repeat visits.

If we didn’t use cookies, our web site would think you are a new visitor every time you move to a new page on the site. For example, if you were to enter your login details and then move to another page, our site wouldn’t be able to remember that you’d previously signed in.

Cookies may be set by the web site you are visiting (‘first party cookies’) or by other web sites which provide content on the page you are viewing (‘third party cookies’).

About this cookies policy

This policy is valid for the Warwick Arts Centre website –
Cookies used on these sites can be categorised into three levels: strictly necessary; performance; functionality (first and third party).

Manage your cookies

To manage your cookie preferences, click Manage Preferences

Cookies which are strictly necessary

Warwick Arts Centre’s online ticketing system SRO4 and Capita (card payment authorisation service) use temporary session cookies enabling customers to pass through the correct payment pathway. These cookies enable services customers have specifically asked for, they enable customers to book and purchase tickets for an event.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie is the default one used by ASPNET to uniquely identify the user’s session on the site and relates the visitor’s unique session to serverside data. Our application uses the session to track the user’s progress in the transaction or for passing data which cannot be stored locally. The cookie will expire at the end of the session (when you close your internet browser). End of session
af This cookie is used in an anti request forgery security mechanism. End of session
queueit This cookie is associated with the Queue IT virtual queue integration. It uniquely identifies a visitor during a single visit and keeps their place in the queue. End of session
TimeCountDown This cookie is used to keep transaction timer countdown info. End of session
crmAuth; rm Identifies the logged-in user account and indicates whether the user is logged in. Used for “remember me” functionality. 60 days after login

Preference Cookies

Preference cookies enable a web site to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language. These cookies are used to enhance the customer’s experience navigating through websites, and they collect anonymous information on the pages visited. In Warwick Arts Centre’s case, a cookie is set to improve the download speed of the corporate font (Battersea).

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
inMobile This cookie is used to store information about how the page should be presented. End of session

Performance/Statistics Cookies

These cookies allow us to track the performance and usage of the Warwick Arts Centre’s web site with anonymised “statistics”. We use cookies to track your route around the web site and use the statistics that these create to improve the web site’s performance and user experience. These statistics allow us to continue to provide the website and events programme.

We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimise this service and experience. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users experience (e.g. how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click, what users do and don’t like, etc.) and this enables us to build and maintain our service with user feedback. Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behaviour and their devices (in particular device’s IP address (captured and stored only in anonymized form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), preferred language used to display our website). Hotjar stores this information in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Hotjar nor we will ever use this information to identify individual users or to match it with further data on an individual user. For further details, please see Hotjar’s privacy policy.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
cs This cookie is used to keep some session state information on the client in order to improve performance. End of session
os This cookie is used to keep some session state information on the client in order to improve performance (similar to cs). End of session
_ga; _gid; _gat These cookies are used by Google Analytics software to distinguish users. The information we gather includes but is not limited to how users interact with the Warwick Arts Centre’s web site, which pages are most frequently viewed, how frequently the users visit the web site, traffic source of user visit, demographics data (age and gender), location and device information (make and model). Any data collected is anonymous and used for statistical reporting only.
Other cookies created by Google Analytics include _gid, AMP_TOKEN and _gac (property-id). These cookies store other randomly generated ids and campaign information about the user.
Max 2 years
gid This cookie is used to uniquely identify the browser in order to help with problem diagnostics. 01/01/3000
_hjShownFeedbackMessage This cookie is set when a visitor minimises or completes Incoming Feedback. This is done so that the Incoming Feedback will load as minimised immediately if they navigate to another page where it is set to show. 365 days

Warwick Arts Centre occasionally uses a cookie linked to Qualtrics who provide a survey we use to help understand visitor behaviour. This in turn helps us to make improvements to the website.

Marketing/Advertising Cookies

These cookies are set by third parties such as YouTube or Twitter. They track your behaviour such as playing videos or which tweets you have already viewed. These cookies may be used by the cookie provider to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant advertisements on other sites. They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device.

We sometimes embed photos and video content from third party web sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. As a result, when you visit one of our pages containing such content, you may be presented with cookies from these web sites. The sharing bar Add This is used to wrap the Tweet and Like buttons for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter and Facebook buttons also use cookies which are activated when those buttons are clicked.

Our Facebook Connect plugin activates if the user is already logged into Facebook, and it sets cookies to identify the user’s Facebook session and interaction with Warwick Arts Centre’s website.

We don’t control the dissemination of these third party cookies and you should check the relevant third party’s web site for more information.

We don’t sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we disclose the information to third parties, except where required by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies).

We sometimes use Google Ads Remarketing pixels to assist with our marketing and delivery of online advertising across the Internet, in particular on the Google Display Network. By better understanding what our audiences are interested in, we can more efficiently promote Warwick Arts Centre’s events. The technology to do this is made possible by cookies and as such we may place a “remarketing cookie” during your visit.

Google Ads remarketing will display ads to you based on what parts of Warwick Arts Centre’s website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your web browser. This cookie does not in any way identify you or give access to your computer or mobile device. The cookie is used to indicate to other websites that “This person visited a particular page, so show them ads relating to that page.” This way we can show you ads that are personalised to you.

If you do not wish to see personalised ads from Warwick Arts Centre you can opt out in several ways:
Opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings
Opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting youradchoices opt-out.
Please note that opting out won’t stop you seeing adverts, just that they won’t be tailored specifically to you.

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
G_ENABLED_IDPS Disqus – Required by the third-party Google+ services. Infinity
_bti Disqus (networked community platform) – Assist in registration, login, and Customer ability to provide feedback. 1 year
hubspotutk Disqus – This cookie is used for to keep track of a visitor’s identity. This cookie is passed to HubSpot on form submission and used when de-duplicating contacts. 10 years
__cfduid Disqus – Is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. 1 year
__jid Disqus – Required by the third-party da service. 1 day
__utma Disqus & Twitter – Contains a unique and anonymous identifying ID, which allows us to ensure that subsequent visits to our website are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor. 2 years
__utmb Disqus – Used to establish and continue a unique user session. Each time you request another page from the website the cookie is updated to expire after 30 minutes. 30m
__utmc Disqus & Twitter – Works with __utmb to determine when to create a new session for a website visitor. Session
__utmt Disqus – Tracks how you found us and is used to calculate traffic and navigation within the website. 2 years
__utmz Disqus & Twitter – Tracks how you found us and is used to calculate traffic and navigation within the website. 2 months
__hssrc Disqus – Whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie, this cookie is also set. We set it to 1 and use it to determine if the visitor has restarted their browser. If this cookie does not exist when we manage cookies, we assume it is a new session. Session
__hstc Disqus – Used for website analytics. 38w 4d
hsfirstvisit Disqus – identifies first visit to the website. 9 years
intercom-id-x2byp8hg ? ; btIdentify Disqus 38w 4d
IDE DoubleClick – Serving targeted ads. 1.5 years
DSID DoubleClick – Retargeting ads. 2 weeks
_ct_rmm DoubleClick – Help us identify which visitors to our website have seen or clicked one of our adverts. 9 months
__sonar DoubleClick – Deliver adverts relevant to your interest. 6 months
__gads DoubleClick – The showing of adverts on the site, for which the owner may earn some revenue. 6 months
personalization_id Twitter – This cookie is set due to Twitter integration and sharing capabilities for the social media. 2 years
ads_prefs Twitter – Deliver and measure the performance of advertising. 10 years
syndication_guest_id Twitter – These cookies enable users, if they wish, to login to their Twitter account share content from our websites with their friends. 1 year
kdt Twitter – This cookie is set due to Twitter integration and sharing capabilities for the social media. 2 years
remember_checked_on Twitter – Determine if user logged in during browser session; allow tweets; record number of times a page is tweeted. 10 years
_twitter_sess Twitter – Provide micro-blogging-feed. Session
csrf_same_site Twitter – Allow Twitter to obtain information anonymously about browsing habits. 1 year
csrf_same_site_set Twitter – These cookies enable us to track visitor activity from our Twitter ads on our website. 2 years
gdpr_lo Twitter 3 months
eu_cn Twitter – Used to identify you to Twitter, if you do not have a Twitter account or never accessed the website directly then Twitter will assign you a unique code to track your visit to the Twitter feed. 6 months
external_referer Twitter – Used by Twitter to save a unique anonymous id for each website visitor. 1 month
twitter_ads_id Twitter 1 year
auth_token Twitter – Enable user authentication. Session
netpu Twitter 1 year
guest_id Twitter – Targeted advertising ID. 3 months
twid Twitter – Twitter identification for logged in user. Session
dnt Twitter 10 years
tfw_exp Twitter – These cookies are used by Twitter to provide embedded content that is displayed in the site. Session
SSID YouTube – Used to store user preferences 12 years
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube – Keeps track of user preferences for embedded videos. 11 years
enabledapps.uploader YouTube – Aggregate analysis of Video visitors. 1 month
wide YouTube – Should a video be displayed in widescreen. Session
YSC YouTube – Used by YouTube (Google) for storing user preferences and other unspecified purposes. Session
SID ;HSID; APISID; SAPISID; PREF YouTube – Used to customise Google adverts. 12 years
LOGIN_INFO YouTube – Identify the user currently watching videos. 12 years

What to do if you don’t want cookies to be set

If you don’t want web sites to store cookies on your computer, tablet or phone, you can modify your browser so that it asks for your permission when a web site wants to set a cookie, or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been set. If you wish to restrict or block web browser cookies on your device then you can do this through your browser settings; the Help function within your browser should tell you how. Alternatively, the site contains comprehensive information on how to remove cookies on a wide variety of desktop browsers.

For Google Analytics cookies, Google provide a Google Analytics opt-out tool which allows you to specify that you don’t want to accept their cookies, not just for our site, but for all sites which use Google Analytics.

To find out more information and opt out of third party cookies, please visit the relevant privacy and cookie policy pages on third party web sites.

To disable personalised ads you can update your preferences by visiting Google’s Ads Settings and for third-party vendor’s cookies by visiting youradchoices opt-out.

You can opt-out to the creation of a user profile, Hotjar’s storing of data about your usage of our site and Hotjar’s use of tracking cookies on other websites by following this opt-out link.

Updated Nov 2018