Marketing Guide

1. Introduction
2. About Warwick Arts Centre
3. Contacts
4. Information about your Society and your production
5. Summary of Marketing and Press Support
5.1 Website
5.2 Social Media
5.3 Print
5.4 Distribution
5.5 Front of House Displays
5.6 Email communications 5.7 Press
5.8 Exit leafleting
6. Additional Support
7. Style Guide
7.1 How to credit us in print
7.2 Essential information for leaflets and posters
8. Important Marketing Dates and Deadlines
9. Sales Figures


1. Introduction

We are delighted that your society has chosen to perform on our stage and we look forward to working with over the coming weeks.

This pack contains all of the information you will need to help market your show. It is based on a pack that we send to all professional companies that visit Warwick Arts Centre.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions, email Katie Reid on and she will be happy to help.

You are required to complete and return the Information about your Society and your production form section as soon as possible.

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2. About Warwick Arts Centre

We’re one of the largest multi-artform venues in the UK. We deliver a high quality, engaging, diverse programme of cinema, performing and visual arts, presented in world-class venues and spaces at the heart of the University of Warwick campus. Since we opened in 1974, we’ve been a distinctive and special place, an important resource for the arts and for audiences in the region and a significant force in national and international arts networks. We welcomed over a million people through our doors in 2016.

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3. Contacts

Katie Anderson
Marketing Director
024 765 24452

Katie Reid
Marketing Manager
024 765 24669

Katy Farrell
Digital Marketing Officer
024 765 23804

Sophie Taylor
Marketing Administration Assistant
024 765 72678

Lydia Shaw
Digital Marketing Assistant

Intern (changes every 3 months)
024 765 22354

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4. Information about your Society and your production

We require you to provide some basic information about your society and your production so we can include it in our marketing materials.

Please complete and return this form to or as soon as possible.

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5. Summary of Marketing and Press Support

We have a sophisticated marketing and audience development strategy and well-established marketing mechanisms/channels, which allows us to target audiences based on artform preferences and interests.

The information you provide in this form will allow us to promote your show effectively.

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5.1. Website

Your event can feature on its own event page on this website and listed in the relevant section (e.g. comedy, theatre etc).

Your event image may also be placed on the front page of the website in the run-up to the performance date.

Please note that events are listed chronologically to ensure that all events at the Arts Centre are shown on the home page. We have a large number of events and have to rotate things accordingly.

If you would like your event to appear on our website, you will need to send us some copy detailing what the event is about (approx 100-150 words) and an image (405px X 320px).

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5.2. Social Media

We are very active across Social Media. Our handles are:

We are happy to share information about your show, plus any unique information (videos, interviews, photos etc.) across our channels.

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5.3. Print

Each season (spring, summer, autumn), we produce a brochure, event listings and various composite print.

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5.4. Distribution

We distribute some of our print to members of audience who request information in this format and to hot-spot geographical areas we have identified as having a high propensity to engage.

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5.5. Front of House Displays

Based on the marketing materials you provide, we can promote your event front of house in the following ways:

  • Pop-up banners
  • A4 poster sites
  • Posters around campus

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5.6. Email communications

We send out regular artform specific emails] and targeted emails based on our segmentation model.

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5.7. Press

We have strong links with local and national press and regularly issue information to print, broadcast and online media.

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5.8. Exit leafleting

We target audiences with appropriate flyers as they leave an event in one of our six spaces.

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6. Additional Support

When budget and capacity to deliver permits, we can discuss the possibility of delivering additional marketing and engagement activity. This might include but is not restricted to:

  • Off and online advertisement
  • Targeted discounts, special offers and promotions
  • Reciprocal marketing with other venues / companies
  • Bespoke emails
  • Targeted distribution
  • Competitions
  • Trailers on our Cinema Screen and foyer screens

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7. Style Guide

7.1.How to credit us in print

Please note that if print includes a tour list, Warwick Arts Centre is in COVENTRY and not Warwick.

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7.2 Essential information for leaflets and posters

This is our logo.

WAC logo Black.jpg

The white section in the middle of the design should be transparent as to show the colour/image behind.

You can download a .psd (Photoshop file)of our logo here:

Here is an example of our time, date and ticket price format:

Tue 28 Feb – Fri 3 Mar 2017 7.45pm
Thu 2 Mar 2017 1pm
£27 (£25), £23 (£21), £19 (£17), £13 Under 26s

Note: brackets (£25) refer to concession prices

Please do not include ticket prices on poster

Please ensure our Box Office, website address and postal address all feature in a prominent location:

Box Office 024 7652 4524
The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

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8. Important Marketing Dates and Deadlines

We produce a lot of print based materials every year, including brochures, leaflets and posters. The design and printing stages can take time, so we need to ensure that all marketing information is submitted by the following dates. Information (copy and images) submitted after this time will not be included.

To feature in:

  • Autumn deadline: Mon 19 Jun 2017
  • Spring 2018 deadline: tbc
  • Summer 2018 deadline: tbc

We endeavour to include information about your performance in our brochure and printed materials, but on occasion things outside of our control could mean that it may not feature. We will inform you if this is the case.

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9. Sales Figures

Sales figures are produced and shared with you via email every Monday morning.

Please contact Emma Parker, Sales and Box Office Manager at with the email address you would like figures sent to once the show is on sale.

A final sales report will also be sent to you from our finance department 2 weeks after your event has ended.

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