Work & Volunteer

There are lots of ways to gain new skills and experience at Warwick Arts Centre.

See the table below for an “at a glance” look at all of our opportunities for students, and click the links in the left hand menu for more details on how to apply.

Opportunity When Number of positions Type
Volunteer Performance Stewards Recruitment is now closed. 100 per year Voluntary + expenses
Marketing & Press Internship Recruitment is now closed until Winter 2018. 4 per year Paid
Mead Gallery Stewards Not currently recruiting as the Gallery is now closed as part of the 2020 project 75 per year Paid
Colour Trail and Sculpture Trail Leaders Recruitment is now closed. tbc Paid
Casual Distributors Positions Not currently recruiting Unlimited Paid
Casual Box Office Assistants Recruitment is now closed. Details to follow. Approx. 3 per year Paid
Student Ambassador Coordinator Closed. Position filled for 2018-19 1 per year Paid
Student Ambassadors Recruitment is now open!. Apply here 12 per year Voluntary
Youth Theatre Leaders & Coordinator Recruitment is now closed Up to 6 Leaders and 1 Coordinator per year Paid