Colour Trail and Sculpture Trail Leaders

Recruitment is now closed

Job title: Colour Trail and Sculpture Trail Leaders
Department: Mead Gallery
Responsible to: Sarah Shalgosky, Curator, The University of Warwick

Job Purpose:
To introduce works on display to audiences and to pre-booked groups of children and their parents/carers/teachers.

  • To initiate discussions of works on display both in formal and informal settings.
  • To deliver agreed learning objectives to pre-booked groups.
  • To be responsible for the safety and well-being of all participants.

General aptitudes
Excellent oral communication skills, able to adapt style to children and adults as appropriate, ability to control and manage the behaviour of children.

Anyone may apply to become a leader or a helper and we may actively recruit appropriately skilled individuals for workshops. The Curator or his or her nominated representative will run a preliminary session to train leaders. There is no payment for this session. Following this, if the trainee wishes to be considered for the role, they should apply formally. Their application should be judged by a team of three Arts Centre staff to ensure that they meet the criteria for the role. Following this, interviews should be held and successful applicants notified. They will be told that the roles are ad hoc and must agree to have their details held on our database.

Training is held once a year, usually in the autumn term.

DBS Checks
All workshop leaders and helpers must have a valid DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. Any workshop staff directly employed by us ie through the payroll, must have a DBS check by the University of Warwick for which we will pay. Freelance leaders, not paid via payroll but on invoice, may supply their own.

Data protection
We hold a database of potential leaders and helpers. To comply with data protection legislation, the Assistant House Manager (Gallery) must obtain annual written confirmation from leaders and helpers that they are happy to be kept on our database. This is usually done in September each year.

Payment is either on timesheet, through payroll or by invoice in exceptional circumstances. If payment is through timesheet, this must be submitted by the 3rd of the month to ensure payment by the 18th. Any time sheets submitted after the 3rd will be paid on the 18th of the following month. If payment is by invoice, the leader must also complete a self-employment form.

Trainees are paid £32.50/session since they must do three sessions with someone else before they can take charge of a group. Once they have done their three sessions, they are paid £65/session as a fully trained leader.

The primary responsibility of the Trail Leader is to deliver a successful Trail. They are not baby-sitters, nor are they crowd control officers. The Trail Leader will work in partnership with a nominated representative from the school who will assist in encouraging the children to listen, to stay within a safe area and to move safely between works.

The Trail Leader will never:

  • be alone with a child or group of children
  • touch a child
  • speak disrespectfully to a child

Any infringement of these three rules will prevent a Leader from undertaking any more Trails.