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Student Ambassadors

Recruitment is now Closed until Sept 2019*


The Student Ambassador Scheme is an essential part of Warwick Arts Centre’s Student Engagement Campaign. It is designed to provide University of Warwick students with an opportunity to:

  • gain real-life marketing experience working with one of the UK’s most vibrant arts centres
  • acquire knowledge and skills in marketing, research, event management, project management and design
  • meet new people; including fellow students, Warwick Arts Centre staff and visiting artists and companies
  • inform the development of Warwick Arts Centre’s Student Engagement Campaign
  • get exclusive special offers and discounts to shows

The scheme has existed in a number of forms over the past seven years (formerly STARS scheme), and is adapted and improved on a yearly basis using input from participants.

About Ambassadors

A Student Ambassador is a University of Warwick student, from any academic department and year of study, who has an interest in the creative industries, arts marketing or events promotion. Ambassadors are the student face of the organisation and are very much part of the wider Arts Centre delivery team.

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The Programme

Student Ambassadors will take part in some or all of the following:

  • Marketing Campaigns
    Help promote Warwick Arts Centre’s artistic programme by designing and implementing a marketing campaign for a piece of theatre, music, visual arts, or cinema. Write a review, record audio interviews (vox pop), use social media.
  • Focus / Discussion Groups
    These strategic development sessions, facilitated by Warwick Arts Centre’s Audience Development Officer, will cover a range of topics and themes, including developing marketing messages, identifying new marketing channels, and exploring ways to work with Societies.
  • Research
    Every year Warwick Arts Centre runs a student research project. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to help produce and disseminate a survey, conduct face-to-face interviews, and analyse and report on findings. Support will be provided.
  • Professional Development Sessions: Presentations
    Want to work in the arts? Members of the Warwick Arts Centre Team will talk about their role and responsibility within the organisation and their careers. Speakers will include members of the Programming, Marketing, Front of House and Technical teams.
  • Professional Development Sessions: Workshops (non-accredited)
    Practical workshops with tops tips and expert advice on a range of topics and themes, including marketing planning, audience development, programming, working in a Box Office, etc.
  • Support Surgery
    Warwick Arts Centre’s Audience Development Officer runs weekly Support Surgeries to help Ambassadors with their Marketing Campaigns, provide advice and best practice for students designing projects etc. You can also keep in touch and get support via Facebook.

To get an idea of what the Student Ambassadors get up to, read what past students have said about the scheme.

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Joining the scheme

The scheme is strictly limited to 12 volunteers, who are recruited for every academic year shortly after the first week of term.

Students hoping to take part in the scheme must complete a short online application form by Wed 10 Oct 2018.

Successful candidates will be notified by Fri 12 Oct and invited to a welcome session on Thu 18 or Fri 19 Oct.

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Management and Coordination

The scheme is managed by Warwick Arts Centre’s Audience Development Officer with the support of the Marketing Assistant, and led by the Student Ambassador Coordinator, who is a current student at the University of Warwick, usually recruited at the end of the previous year’s scheme.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are required to:


  • a welcome meeting at the start of the academic year (1hr)
  • a catch-up meeting at the start of every term (3 × 1hr)


  • at least one marketing campaign per term (3 × 2hrs)
  • the Ambassadors’ Social Media activity (2hrs)
  • the annual Student Research project by sharing the survey with friends and peers (1hr)

Represent the Arts Centre:

  • at a Fresher’s Fair (7hrs)
  • or Open Day (4hrs)

Keep in touch

  • by joining the Student Ambassador closed Facebook Group

We anticipate that you will be required to dedicate at least 23 hours to the Ambassador Programme over the academic year.

The Warwick Arts Centre Team will:

Provide you with:

  • the necessary information, materials and resources to delivery your chosen activities
  • regular information to demonstrate the impact of your Student Ambassador activity on our Student Engagement Campaign (sales figures)
  • a record of achievements for your activity over the year so that you have evidence to include in your CV and cite in job applications. (see fig. 1)


  • you via bespoke workshops and surgeries – and answer your questions via email and Facebook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much time do I need to dedicate to the scheme?
We ask that you volunteer at least 23 hours over the academic year.

Q2. Is there the opportunity for paid work?
On occasion, there are opportunities for paid work – but these are ad hoc. The Student Ambassador Coordinator will introduce these to you when they become available.

Q3. Can I get free tickets to see performances and films?
We allocate complimentary (comps) tickets to Ambassadors working on marketing and engagement campaigns. Tickets, however, are subject to availability and we reserve the right not to offer tickets. We also provide free cinema tickets for our social events. We can also provide comps to Ambassadors who review select shows.

Q4. Can I get a reference at the end of the year?
Yes, if you take part in the scheme you can cite us in a job application as a reference. We will have a log of your activity over the academic year – so can base your reference on your levels of engagement in the scheme.

Q5. How do I sign up for Student Ambassador Campaigns?
The Student Ambassador Coordinator will introduce the performances, concerts and film screenings in the programme that require campaign activity at the start of the academic term. If an event that you want to work on isn’t featured – please mention it to the Coordinator and they will check with the Marketing Team to see if that is possible.

Q6. I’m only interested in elements of the programme. Do I have to work across all areas of the scheme?
We prefer that all Ambassadors experience all elements of the Ambassador programme, so the scheme might not be for you if you are just interested in just part of it.

Q7. I’m struggling to find the time to work on Ambassador activities. What should I do?
Speak to the Student Ambassador Coordinator and explain your situation. We can then explore how we can work with you going forward, or if you prefer, you can leave the scheme.