Here are some testimonials from University of Warwick Students who have worked and volunteered at Warwick Arts Centre:

Volunteer Performance Steward & Head Steward

Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this huge family throughout my time at the university. Going into this job, I never really knew what to expect as it is my first time working at an arts centre. I never truly understood the magnitude of its size, being the largest art centre in the UK besides the Barbican Centre in London, until I started working here.

As a student, the Art Centre is merely a passageway to the Rootes Grocer or to classes. It is my first job that I love to go in to every week and can’t wait to come back again. It is something that not many will understand but we owe it to you guys for picking an unbelievable team year in and year out. Considering the amount of changes that the team goes through every year, we always have a great team. It is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. The friends that I made, the skills that I learned and the moments I will remember are the few things I will take with me throughout my life. If there was one advice I would need to give to a fresher coming to Warwick is to be a steward, you will not regret it.

Thank you.


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Volunteer Performance Steward

Thank you all for being great staff! I enjoyed being part of the Arts Centre team and always looked forward to my shifts! I’m so happy I was a steward for the last three years, it definitely made my time at Warwick even more enjoyable and memorable.

Thank you again! Wish you all the best in the future!


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Volunteer Performance Steward

Little did I know that, when deciding to apply to become a Volunteer Performance Steward before I even came to Warwick, it would be the best decision that I have ever made. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to gain valuable skills in both customer service and cash handling, whilst also being able to see a diverse range of brilliant shows on a regular basis. I have been exposed to theatre, comedy, music and film of the highest quality whilst at Warwick, and it has made my time at university all the more special and rewarding.

Good luck with everything. Please stay in contact – I’m going to miss you all!!


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Head Steward and Ices

I started stewarding at the first opportunity this year, having heard about it as part of the introduction to my course. The interview was very relaxed, which was nice. It was a good set up allowing people to pop in at any point during the day, especially as it allowed you to chat to people in the queue.

I knew pretty soon that I would want to be a Head Ices Steward, so I was glad that this opportunity arose when it did. The training worked really well, as it felt good to get on your feet almost immediately and start getting paid.

It’s lovely working at the Arts Centre.


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Ices Steward

I saw the ad in the Freshers bag and was like ‘ooh, yeah, money for what must surely contribute to my degree-how could I lose out?’ It turns out that this doesn’t actually contribute to my degree but is more like outer-reading. Always helpful. I’m up to Ices Steward level, although I applied for both Head and Ices because at no point did I think there was anything stopping me from advancing. I love the atmosphere and ethos of working here, it’s just such an enjoyable atmosphere and it is truly a pleasure to come to work. Everyone is so nice and I never feel out-of-my-depth or intimidated because, while there is clearly a hierarchy for roles, the integration between staff is seamless and builds so much confidence. Training wise, it’s extensive and supportive at every turn. I’m in love frankly. Thanks again for every opportunity.



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Casual Box Office Assistant

Warwick Arts Centre was at the centre of my University experience. It was a meeting place, work place and social area where my friends and I not only went to watch shows, but also to discuss, experiment and develop our own ideas and passion for the arts. I became a Casual Box Office Assistant at the end of my first year at Warwick University.

Having seen some great theatre, music and dance coming to the arts centre, as well as being involved in some of the student theatre in it’s venues, I knew what a great opportunity it would be to work there. The support and encouragement that the Arts Centre offer to students is incredible. Being able to work behind the scenes of all the fantastic things that were going on only encouraged me even more to seek a career in the Arts. My two years working in the Box Office gave me so many transferable skills and knowledge, which I know I will most definitely be using in my future career in the arts.


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