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Remember Us In Your Will

Leave a gift in your Will

We recognise that making a will is an important task. It is the only guaranteed way to ensure that your wishes are carried out – whether this is sharing your assets amongst family, friends or causes you feel strongly about.

Please consider leaving a legacy to Warwick Arts Centre

We are very grateful for the legacies we receive (whatever their size), especially since we appreciate that the decision to include Warwick Arts Centre is a very personal one. In some cases, leaving a legacy allows individuals to make a contribution at a level that accurately reflects their fondness for Warwick Arts Centre which they were perhaps unable to make during their lifetime.

A gift to charity in your will is deducted before your estate is assessed for tax. A gift to Warwick Arts Centre can therefore offer an opportunity to reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate. We are part of the University of Warwick, which is, as an exempt charity, an educational institution.
If you wish to support something more specific, such as our education work or a particular art form, please contact us directly to discuss this further and to ensure that we can best serve your wishes.

Click here to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will by downloading this PDF. You can also email or call 024 7615 1378.