Work Experience

Two sessions are available each year, giving secondary-school students the opportunity to spend a week working together in the Midlands’ largest arts centre.

What to expect

We offer one week-long placement each spring (in May or June) and one each autumn (in October or November), which are open to students in Years 10 and 11, and 6th Formers. Dates for the following academic year are published in June.

You’ll join a small group of other students, working individually and as a team in all our departments and across our 5 main venues. During the week you’ll get to meet staff from the box office, front of house, marketing and creative learning teams - and you’ll have a chance to experience shows both from inside the auditorium and backstage.

(Please note: because we’re not a producing venue, we can’t offer a chance to work on-site in costume, make-up, set design, directing, acting, or producing.)

What you'll need 

We’re looking for young people who are enthusiastic and outgoing, and have a real interest in the nitty-gritty business of running an arts centre and all that it involves. Being able to use a computer and the internet will help, and being confident enough to work with members of the public.

If you’d like to apply for a place, please complete our application form and tell us about yourself. We may also ask you to come and meet us or invite you to an online meeting before allocating places.