HaydnQuartet in B minor Op.33 No.1
ShostakovichQuartet No.5 in B flat Op.92
BeethovenQuartet in C Op.59 No.3 Rasumovsky

There’s a good reason why they call him “Papa” – because when it comes to string quartets, Joseph Haydn really is the daddy of them all! Bold, inventive and crackling with wit, his Quartet Op.33 No.1 opened up a new musical world, and set a challenge that no later composer could ignore.

But is there more than meets the ear to Shostakovich’s deceptively jaunty Fifth Quartet? And can Beethoven take Haydn’s playful four-way conversation, and make it bigger, badder and more exhilarating than any symphony? Tonight, the Coulls answer those questions: keep your ears open, and get ready for the ride of your musical life.

Pre-concert Talk – Helen Martin Studio 6.15pm. Tickets £1