The more he bleeds, the more he lives. He never forgets and he never forgives.

Following the huge sell-out success of Jonathan Larson’s RENT 2013, Music Theatre Warwick are back with an electrifying and dynamic adaptation of Sondheim’s classic, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Discover the woeful tale of Benjamin Barker, self-christened ‘Sweeney Todd’, who returns to 19th Century London after 15 years to avenge the death of his wife and abduction of his daughter by the corrupted and lustful Judge Turpin. With the help of eccentric pie-mistress Mrs. Lovett, the unstoppable pair vow revenge on the Judge and, later, the whole world. Customers soon discover Sweeney’s shaves are the closest they’ll ever receive, disappearing with only pie crusts for evidence.

This exhilarating thriller is bound to enthrall all with its spectacular scores and witty humour, a well-loved “black operetta” by one of the greatest living musical theatre composer and lyricists. Be sure to grab your tickets before they go, just remember… don’t lose your head.