Uninformed Opinions is pure stand-up comedy. There are no gimmicks – simply Jo Caulfield and her biting acerbic tongue. This is the show for anyone who has ever wanted to scream: “Please shut up – YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!”

Expect razor-sharp observations and scandalous one-liners as she shares her opinions on everything from women who always pick the wrong partner and men who continually quote gangster films, to families arguing on trains and the growth of passive-aggressive corporate friendliness.

But don’t worry. It’s not all one-sided. Audiences WILL be encouraged to join in and share their own opinions. Even though they are completely WRONG!

“Many of the points Jo Caulfield makes about the human condition would have sociologists stroking their beards in admiration, but her audiences tend to be laughing too much to notice” The Times.

Please note: Some comedians use very strong language and express controversial opinions. Please come prepared. All shows are 16+ unless otherwise stated.